Paper Wasp

I took a walk with couple of friends on Sunday, (see Earlier that day I had failed taking a picture of a jumping spider around the house, and left the 36mm extension tube on my 105 macro. Out on the walk, rather than remove it, I just rolled with it, and kept my eyes open for any bugs or insects to take pictures of in the brilliantly bright sun.

Fortunately, I spotted a Wasp, sat on a leaf. 8 Shots later and I stepped away, hoping to have at least one or two of those sharp enough to use.

After some searching, I believe it is a paper wasp rather than a yellow-jacket, which would make it less likely to resent your presence, that said, it did turn to face me on the leaf while munching on what looked like a chunk of apple. Something that I’ve only really observed jumping spiders to do. Obviously, being a wasp it was probably not pleased I was sticking a lens in its face.DSC_9784Nikon D610 + 105mm with 36mm extension, 1/250s, f/8, iso 400

The 105mm has a 0.5x magnification ratio, with the extension tube that brings it up to about 0.84x


Fields of wild flowers

Similar to my previous post – I am not sure if this was taken in PEI or in Kingston, I am leaning more toward PEI as if fields of wild flowers were a feature in Kingston, ON, I would of already taken many many pictures of them. Regardless, this is a more focused crop of a flower standing in a field of pink. A tricky photograph to develop mostly because the contrast is not very great. Still, Im sort of ok with how it came out given the lighting.

raw0039-2Pentax67 + Ektar 100

Wooden Fence

This old wooden fence is either on Prince Edward Island, or somewhere in Kingston. It was one of the last shots on a roll of 120 put through my Pentax67. The other shots where taking while visiting PEI for a friend’s wedding. Regardless I quite like it, the lush green and purple flowers. While Iv said that the V550 seems to do a better job at getting the white balance right, this one did need some pink tint removal.
The grey-blue tone of the wood, came out as a noticeable pink colour.

Below is the cleaned up image

raw0041_fixPentax 67 – Ektar 100

Ottawa – Women are Persons! – Film scan

This one is a little special to me, not only because it represents something important, but also because it was the first film I shot and developed myself. The statue is one of the Famous Five, this specific lady being Nellie Mooney McClung. It is commemorated as the point at which women were deemed persons capable of being in the senate and is situated in Ottawa. I took this shot during a day visit while my parents where visiting.

My first attempt at developing film wasn’t so amazing, the old metal reel i used was distorted meaning the roll actually jumped rails and so some of it was touching and such was not exposed to the developing solution. Not a total loss however many frames did turn out well. The cleaning and drying process wasn’t amazing either haha as you can see in this photograph with a set of soapy blobs running the whole length roughly 1/3rd from the top of the frame,

2018-05-20-0023Nikon AE + Micro Nikkor 105mm

Rio – Film Revisit – Santa Teresa

Once more with a film scan revisit, this wall was one of many painted murals in the Santa Teresa area. We stayed at a small hotel/hostel in Santa Teresa and walked past these beautiful walls each day. Sadly, the roll of film with most of them on, didn’t survive, victim of a faulty light meter blasting the film to oblivion. Barely any touchups required, simply scan, white balance and off we go.

Rio002Nikon EM +50mm

Rio – Film Revisit

Years ago I took a trip to Rio, if you look back through some of my posts you will see a few photos from there. I took 5 Rolls of film, and yet only really showed 1 or 2 shots. The reasons was that I much of the film came back very under-exposed. I used the trip to test an old Nikon EM, and for that gamble I was treated to somewhat lack-luster exposure. The Nikon EM is an entry level camera, and often the meter on them these days are toast or not operating at best.

The other issue was that the scans I made came out ‘very blue’ and by that I don’t mean cold white balance, I mean that the dark shades were blue rather than black. I am not sure if this was some fault with the scanner, or the software, or both. I noticed it a lot with my Pentax67 also. As such, I just moved on.

I recently purchased an Epson V550, My old Canon CanoScan 9000F MkII was given away before I moved to the UK. Upon returning to Canada, I wanted to restart my film shooting. At work there was a V600 and I was impressed with the results, thus I got the V550, which is basically identical.

I revisited my rolls of films from Rio and was shocked at just how different they came out, and with little effort at all!

Here is a shot, looking back at Rio de Janeiro from the Sugar Loaf Mountain. Centre Bottom is the Red Beach, with General Tiburcio Place just behind.
Behind the hill (Babylon Hill)  is Copacabana.

rio001Nikon EM + Ektar 100, 50mm?

Winter Wonderland

While most of us in Canada and the Northern hemisphere start to feel spring, or even dare i say it… summer, I am still catching up with my updates. I can now post this shot from part of the trail to Whyte Lake, near Vancouver, BC.
For my Ontarian friends, sorry for reminding you guys of winter!

It was probably my second week in Vancouver and a friend invited us for a walk on one of the trails. The interesting thing about Vancouver at that time of the year (Feb) is that one day it will be cool and damp, but otherwise fine. The next, rain, the next snow and back again. In many ways it reminds me of the UK, except, in the UK it doesn’t snow and rain as much as people in North America might think (depending where in the UK you are talking about 😉 )

So, a snowy walkway into the trail… inviting?

DSC_9573Nikon D610 – 28mm f/5.6, 1/1000s ISO800


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