Nikon D5100 F mount with Konica AR mount lens

Thanks to a post I read recently here, it would appear that the Konica AR mount system is close enough to the Nikon F mount to make coupling my old Konica lenses to my Nikon D5100 possible. ***By possible I mean that I had no physically problems mounting the lens, and after inspection I have done no visible damage, however if you want to try this, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you get a lens stuck or you damage the lens/camera body, it is your own fault.***

This warning and disclaimer out of the way, some more information.

The Konica AR mount is certainly not compatible due to a vastly different flange focal distance. The Konica system has an FFD of 40.7mm while the Nikon F system has an FFD of 46.5mm. Ultimately this means that a Konica lense will never make focusing at infinity unless you could shave off about 6mm of the mount… simply not possible. Any adapter would thus be required to have some corrective optics. No matter how much I have searched I have never found anything suitable.

Adapter Rings are usually just for physically holding the lens from a different mount and providing the extra distance a lens might need to function correctly optics wise, this means, the only adapters which are common are those that mount a lens of longer ffd to a mount system of shorter ffd.

That said, not making infinity can be interesting if you enjoy close up and macro photography and like to experiment with depth of field. The Konica lenses I have certainly allow for some fairly extreme DOF effects. Here are a selection of tests. Note also that because the Camera does not register a lens being attached, you forfeit all automatic control, and also metering… so exposure and aperture is more of a trial and error experiment, thus, fast snaps are not going to be possible without practice.

The Camera used is a D5100, and the Lens used for all but one of these is a Konica Hexanon AR 50mm F1.8, The photograph of the Konica lens was taken using a Vivitar 24mm 1:2.0 MC wide angle lens.


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