Macro Testing and Full Aperture Range

After removing the auto aperture setting prong from a old Vivitar wide angle lens, I attached the lens to my kenko 2x teleconverter and D5100. I wanted to take a few snaps to see how the system performed and generally test out over the full fstop range of the lens.

Normally it is f/2 to f/16, but with the 2x teleconverter this becomes effectively (if did the conversion correctly) f/4 to f/32 , which could push out the depth of field a little compared to the lens mounted directly to the camera body.

As expected, as the f/stop value is increased (aperture decreased) the depth of field increases revealing more of the background objects in focus.

 lens set at f/2

 lens set at f/2.4

 lens set at f/2.8

 lens set at f/3.3

 lens set at f/4

 lens set at f/4.8

 lens set at f/5.6

 lens set at f/6.7

 lens set at f/8

 lens set at f/9.5

 lens set at f/11

 lens set at f/13

 lens set at f/16

And thats my 5 cents *ba dum tsssssh* thanks i’ll be here all week


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