Small Rant.

Following my previous post, I acquired a bunch of filters for my lenses not all of them ultimately useful, but cheap and allows me to experiment. I got hold of a linear polarizer and played around, taking a few snaps on my 18-105mm lens. I was happy with the results, it seemed to do exactly what photography guides and webpages suggest. So far so good.

Now for my rant.

I haven’t spoken to that many Photographers, though those who I have spoken to have a similar mindset to me. That is, they do it for the enjoyment, sometimes they like to experiment and to play around with the shots and just generally enjoy the process. When I am in a camera store, these are the ones you can talk to, tell your amusing stories to, share experiences and they are willing to listen, and tell you their own.

Now for my rant, the local store that is closing down just seems strange. The person who mans the photography side of the store, I cannot quite gauge if he is very knowledgable, or knows next to nothing… it is strange because essentially he seems to be like a used care salesman, only he doesnt want to sell you any used cars. On a previous visit into the store I asked, out of the vast array of used lenses on show, if any where a Nikon mount. His answer “No, I have nothing here for you.” What? nothing? (There where 3 that i could see). After asking about them, he gives me a flippant reply “Oh, they are all no-name brands in this cabinet, there is nothing worth looking at really”

I saw a Vivitar Series 1 in the cabinet and asked what mount it was. He again replied with “Oh its a vivitar, a no name brand, you want to avoid it. But it is a Konica mount” Now, that shocked me a little. While I dont have knowledge of all the brands of lenses and which particular lenses are very good or very bad, one thing I do know, is that lens he called a piece of trash is a very very good lens for its age… I have experience with a Konica film camera, plus I just got one on ebay with a Nikon mount.

The guy is just strange, he strikes me as having the attitude that buying a brand new lens is the way to go in all cases, and older glass is a waste  of time (sure, he could be right as it depends on condition…) and the fact that someone is just wanting to have fun taking photos is less important than having all new shiny equipment.

This post was spurred today by the fact that I asked him about polerisers (being sold mega cheep) and he asked “is it for digital?” I replied yes, and he said “Then linear will do nothing for you, it wont work, circular is all that works for a digital” I walked away feeling a little confused and without a filter. I do a little research and yes, linear can screw with metering, but otherwise, their is little difference.

Maybe I am being too judgmental, and sure everyone has their own opinion but at the end of the day, I am the customer. Advice is good, I will accept it willingly and with enthusiasm, but I just feel that he is somewhere between a fanboy and a snob and has sort of gained a seriousness about photography that has completely taken the joy out of it. Like every shot has to be perfect, and the way to do that is to buy a $3000 lens… the fact you can take a great shot with any lens does not even register anymore (sure there are some exceptions where a pile of crap lens is always going to be a pile of crap)


Anyway… Rant over, ill be returning for a polarizer for my 52mm diameter lens…


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