Crossing Goslings

Scroll past the text for a rather cute photograph, for those interested in a little background to the day, please read on.

My main testing of my new lens was done while I took a slow walk around Langold Lake near Worksop, UK. Normally it is a place iv taken to mocking as a horrible little lake that has long since fallen from the glory I remember as a child.

However I must say that this walk around to and around the lake felt a little different. I haven’t been there for a very long time, parhaps the latest was a flying visit with my partner about 3 years ago, but before that? maybe 10 years.

To get there, I have to cross half of the village where my parents live, you cross a large football field, walk through a mostly abandoned industrial area composed of maybe 4 buildings, pass the remains of what used to be a pub next to a crown green bowls lawn and a cricket green. While two of the factory buildings are in terrible condition, the pub has long since been removed, the two lawns are still used and are in great shape, a strange contrast to the walk. From this area it is through a slightly overgrown wood path to what used to be a car park made from gravel and wood chips. The car park has not been used for many years and seems to have become a bit of a dumping ground for old burnt wood… (better than dumping old TVs and fridges thats for sure)

In this clearing of sorts, there was a strange almost serene quality, fluffy white seed pods drifted from right to left as I slowly walked towards the opening to the next woodland path which ultimately takes me to the lake. I just stood for a moment, and I had to say the quiet and the image I saw was strangely magical. I just stood for a few moments looking into the dark woods, as the fluffy seed pods drifted on the air and the birds chirped in the trees.

The walk through the woods and the lake where nice, the lens being full manual actually was extremely relaxing. It took my mind off of the world for the time I was shooting. I was just thinking about the shots, the focus, the light levels… It was very peaceful and very relaxing.

Here is one of the shots I am quite proud of that day. There were about 4 adult Canadian Geese closely watching and shepherding their goslings around. They eventaully crossed the path and took up camp along the grassy verge, the adults standing guard on the path. As they crossed I shot a small group as you can see. It is cropped a little, because I had half of one out of the shot on the right. Focus isn’t perfect but it is a nice shot none the less

D5100 + 70-210mm Vivitar Series 1, ISO 320, 1/250,  f/8 at 210mm (315mm converted)



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