Attack of the Dragonflies at Cataraqui Creek

I took a walk again through little cataraqui creek conservation area, this time armed with the Vivitar Seires 1 70-210mm. I am falling in love with this heavy lump of steel and glass. Most of the images I have taken with it I’v not really had to alter too much. In terms of the clarity and the contrast and saturation most of the time images only need the slightest of touches at most.

Walking around the Creek I the first thing I  noticed was the number of Dragonflies. As someone from the UK, dragonflies are not impossible to see, but they are much rarer in the UK that is for sure. I knew this, but before I was not armed with this nice lens to try and get some close ups.

Walking around was quite fun, but at times it seemed like the Dragonflies took exception to me being there. It took me a little while until I realized that they where not buzzing me to get me to move away, they where picking the flies and mosquitoes out of the air that where attracted to me on the hot day. So for your viewing pleasure here are a few of the shots I took of the Dragonfly.


This fella was sat on the floor for a while, then flew, did a circle and landed back almost on the same spot. While circling he obviously grabbed something from the air as he can be seen eating it in this photograph.

Taken at distance over a lake, with a doubler brining the focal length up to around 600mm… a difficult shot given the wind, the best of the 6 or 7 attempts.


Also taken with the doubler, this one is actually taken at around 300 mm from a short distance, very happy about the sharpness and the colour aberration behaving itself in this, normally the doubler leaves me with a soft focus and fringes.

Perched up high and taken at around 600mm again tricky given the amount of movement, the wings just fell right to pickup the sun, all the other pictures don’t feature that nice glow. So in many ways, thanks to the wind for blowing the branch around a little.


All shots taken with a Nikon D5100 with a Vivitar Series 1, 70-210mm version 1. Only addition is the use of a doubler in some photographs


3 thoughts on “Attack of the Dragonflies at Cataraqui Creek

  1. Many thanks, I really enjoy using it (despite it weighing nearly 1kg) It can be tricky sometimes, though with enough patience it pays off. Though it seems iv only been using the 70-210mm in macro mode, it is a very versatile lens and being able to take shots at distance and then close up without having to switch… its just wonderful… and it only cost me about $70

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