Not impressed

Cats are not exactly easy to impress, unless by impress you mean giving them a tasty treat to buy friendship for about 30 seconds. Our cat is no exception and while he was laying on his side, making it look like life was pretty damn difficult to be a house cat, I took this photograph of him.

I am not one to do heavy editing of colours to make images look otherworldly as quite often I feel that those ultra colourful images presented by many many photographers would look wonderful enough without such heavy post processing. The words a friend once said to me seem to ring true. He said “Calm down, I’m not a child excited by primary colours anymore, I don’t want the world to look like world of warcraft”

With that said, the most post processing I tend to do is just to make the scene look more like how I remember it with my own eyes or just to make an otherwise flat image more alive. Monochrome is something else which can work but is in my opinion tricky to pull off well… and I have seen too many people pull the ‘Apply monochrome filter -> Hey look! Its art!’

All this said, please accept my unimpressed monochrome rendering :D. It almost needs a caption.


3 thoughts on “Not impressed

  1. Hey, I stumbled across your blog whilst researching my camera. love your shots and feel excited as I have the same camera and Vivitar Series 1 lens B-) One question though, my lens doesn’t fit my camera? Did you use an adaptor to pare or was it already a nikon ready lens? Mine was made for Pentax slr 😦


    • To answer your first question, yes the Vivitar series 1 that i have is for the Nikon N/AI mount. I was lucky and sort of unlucky that the old N/AI slr mount is still semi compatible with my D5100, you would need to check compatibility on a few other websites as older types of slr mounts can cause damage to the newer camera. The D5100 is pretty good compatibility wise except that you have to shoot in full manual mode.

      Unfortunately converting from pentax to Nikon requires some extra optics to allow the lens to focus to infinity. See for details… basically anything above the Nikon-F on the list requires adaptive optics… anything below it, just requires a mount adapter with a spacer. The Pentax might be convertible by machining, however id think really really carefully before attempting it. I have a Konica AR mount Series 1 also, which i tried to convert with no success…

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