Time to stop and eat

During the trip to Algonquin, there was a small red squirrel that was constantly running around our campsite, chirping/screeching occasionally and dropping pine combs from the trees. He was mostly timid and would never stand still for long enough for me to really get a good photo of him/her (Ill just use him as a generic term).

After a while I decided that I would just sit and wait with the camera, wait for him to come to me or at least sit down somewhere that I could quickly focus on.

Luckily for me, after only 30 seconds of waiting he sat upon a log and chewed at a pine comb, this was the result

f=450mm, f/11 , ISO 1000, exp 1/80 s

Once again, at 1:1 the noise is fairly visible, and the focus is not quite perfect, but over all was the best shot i got of this little fella.



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