The moon

I have posted previous images of the moon, it is a standard night sky object that is reasonably photographable. However this one is a little different.

I have a 2x teleconverter which for the most part is tricky to use with my DX lenses, I think it is due to the coatings of those lenses, once the light passes into the tele it suffers greatly from aberration. Anyway, it is not all bad, and can still produce some good images. Where the tele comes in handy though is with my older manual lenses.

My Nikkor-H Auto 300mm prime would not mount on it. This was due to a legacy aperture leaver poking into the outer barrel of the lens and not allowing the two flanges to sit flat against each other. I cut it off and was able to mount the lens. 

So the crop factor on the DX brings it to about 450mm the 2x gives approx 900mm… with this I  decided to take a few shots just to look at the softness of the images with this setup. The images are soft alright, but they are reasonable given the distances I was shooting at and the amount of light (it was early evening)

I tested the camera out on a monopod (cheers to the shop that let me take one outside for a few mins to do the moon)



Taken at very high ISO, lens wide open, slight sharpness post processing. Not bad for a shot composed in about 5 seconds.


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