Lens clean attempt number 1

After doing some research into how to take apart my Kiron Version Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm and get at its innards and give the elements a good cleaning, I first felt a little bit daunted and unsure if I could do it without damaging or breaking it in some way.

As it would be financially a bit of a waste to spend $100 or more to give it to a pro to get it cleaned out given i only payed about $60-70 for the lens in the first place, I instead decided on the potentially risky do it yourself option, but with backup.

Backup is in the form of spending $50 on another one of these lenses that looks to be in good condition (Ill have to wait and see how good it is, ebay at its best is no substitute for picking up one of these things and having a good look with the eyes) This will give me something to fall back on should I do anything detrimental to the lens I have… or if is in terrible shape, practice on in preparation to repairing the current lens… all make sense so far?

Anyway, I followed the service manual and managed to loosen up the filter ring after using acetone to get off some of the grime, and the cap that holds the first element of the first group (again after using acetone).

***REMEMBER*** Do not use nail varnish remover on a lens ever, you need to use a good grade of acetone. Furthermore, acetone is VERY aggressive and should not be used on plastic parts, I cannot state this more!!! This lens is almost 100% metal and glass, which is why it weighs so much. For the lens cleaning I made a 60-40 mix of acetone and methanol as recommended by many glass manufacturers. In general be VERY VERY careful when cleaning your lenses. Especially if you are an idiot like me who things opening up a 15 element lens is a great idea 🙂

I was able to extract the front lens and give it a good clean, and give the lens below it a good clean also. This was a pretty good experience and I was able to remove some of the more welded on pieces of dust and cause no damage… and probably improve the lens clarity a little.

I haven’t had any good light in order to give it a test though i did borrow a gorilla pod and do a macro shot of my favourite fountain pen…



That is my Lamy st, and i must say the best fountain pen I have found thus far in my 30 years of life. I was a big parker user, though I always found that with my hand, the pens i had would always take A LOT of effort to write with, that being they don’t feel smooth, they cramp my hand, the ink tends to come out very light etc… I can say that I did have one Parker many years ago that I loved and was probably as good as this Lamy, but after an unfortunate accident involving lending it to an idiot at school… it was never the same again.

So from this macro shot it seems that i didn’t do any damage to the lens, and the focus is very good still. *wipes sweat off of brow* this was stopped down to 22, and a 1second exposure at iso 100, so it is not perfectly sharp, but is still very very good and no worse than previous shots. I will be testing the lens out more on my travels and most likely talk again about its condition, and also the condition of the new (old obviously) one when i get it


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