Something big comming

Hi everyone,

I have not posted up anything new in a while, this is because of a few things, mainly work and the impending winter here which means alot of ‘bad light’ days with little contrast. The thing I have been working on lately is more of a technical thing, that is, deep cleaning a lens.

Anyone who has read my blog knows that I got a 1st version Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm  lens a long time ago. Well due to a few defects in the glass (despite it taking wonderful photos) I was on the lookout for one as a spare/replacement. I found one quite cheap on E-bay… cheap lenses on ebay with not much of a description are asking for trouble. So I picked one up cheap figuring my chances where 50:50 because the seller didn’t tend to deal at all in Photography equipment. I figured they had been given the lens to sell, and thus I got it cheaper than I paid for my first one.

Much to my horror… the lens had a big spot of fungus on one of the inner elements. 😦

Not one to throw away the opportunity I have made this lens my ‘experiment’ and i plan to get into it and totally dismantle it so I can clean it out. The strange thing about the lens is that optically it is in amazing shape… with the exception of that fungus. The lens coatings are good, there is no oil or welded in dust on the elements, it looks very very nice. The exterior is also in perfect shape too, looks new.

I am about half way into dismantling the beast and will post up pictures of the whole thing, along with a write up later.


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