Cleaning complete

Hi all

After getting together all the things i needed to clean up my newly acquired Vivitar series 1 70-210mm, namely cleaning fluids and some graphite based lubricant.

The lens is as follows

Above image was taken from the service manual, hopefully no one is upset by me posting it….

The lens is in good condition except has a spot of fungus on the front side of the 3rd group, the back of the 2nd group. Generally dust levels are quite low, and the 4th lens group has some oil on the inside, from exposure to the aperture blades.

Instructions can be found in the service manual located here

For my cleaning I removed the 1st lens group and took out the rear most element and cleaned all dust and spots out of it.

This allowed me to get at the front of the 2nd lens group, which I air blowed clean, overall this was in good condition and clean. I then reassembled the lens.

Following the manual I then separated the primary lens assembly (group 4 – aperture – group 5 and the mount) from the zoom lens assembly. By unscrewing one of the guide rollers I was able to extract the 3rd lens group. I used acetone and isopropanol to clean off the fungus on groups 2 and 3, and then used naphtha to do the final clean of these elements.

I applied lubricant to the roller tracks and the inside of the zoom lens assembly put that whole section back together.

The following image is taken just before putting the macro levers back on,

Sorry that the images dont really show very much, it is mainly because i was trying to put it together and keep dust out, and i forgot that i had my camera with me when the lens was in about 7 or 8 parts.

And finally DONE!

Lens testing will take place tomorrow sometimes i think, if the weather is good, one note is that this lens appears to focus slightly beyond infinity this isnt too much of a problem though and gives a little bit more control. Ill be testing fully tomorrow as i said, and will figure out if i need to go back into the lens and adjust things.

Overall i would say if you get one of these lenses from e-bay and you are not happy with how dusty the lens is, then getting into it and cleaning is not very difficult, but you should definitely make sure you have all the correct tools before you start. I has to use ALOT of lab grade acetone to get some of the screw threads loosened up.

To be continued….


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