It is time for your close up Mr Spider

So today was my first day of testing my newly cleaned and serviced lens. Nature offered me a sunny morning to clean up pool equipment that I had long long long left out in the garden that should have been put away.

So I set about doing that when I spotted a spider settled in for the winter inside a tube that is part of the pool. First thing I thought… Macro time!


D5100 + Vivitar Series 1 70 – 210 mm @70 mm f/8 iso: 400 1/50s

This guy didn’t really like the sunlight and kept turning around every time I put the tube in an orientation towards the sun. I think it is just a Common house spider, though I am no expert, it had two black lines down its abdomen, not in a speckle pattern but more like two fuzzy lines.


I think this is quite a successful test that I haven’t degraded the optics of the lens in regard to sharpness, some moderate blue/green fringing visible here, though I am not too surprised given the shot.

I was able to take a few photographs of birds as I once again visited the Little Cataraqui Creek conservation area, unfortunately shooting was a challenge due to early sunset and most of the photographs being shot in the shade. More to follow.


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