Barred Owl at Cataraqui Conservation area

Following the previous post, the Blue Jay was squawking at an owl. I saw it as it flew across an opening in the woods and landed on a branch. After climbing through the trees a little and making alot of noise, it flew away further along the path. I followed it (the Blue Jay also came along) taking many pictures of its back until it saw me and relocated again.

Still being able to see it through the trees I walked along the path until I got a clear shot of it. Fortunately it had perched itself on a branch looking over some marsh land and was content to pose and ignore the Blue Jay that was constantly flying around squawking at it.

Taken at approximately 100mm (mid zoom) , ISO:640, 1/400s f/5.6

You can almost hear it thinking… *sigh* go away and stop making so much noise Blue Jay.

I took so so many photos of this owl, the issue was that light was low, to get a sharp image I was stopped down to typically between 5.6-8, gain ramped up to 1000 and shutter speeds at 1/250 to give me a reasonably sharp image that didn’t suffer too much from my shaky hands when Im pushing the lens out to 310 mm. A reasonable effort i think hand held.

Thanks for sitting still for me Barred Owl, sorry that the Blue Jay and I bothered you.


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