Kingston – Santa Parade

Previous to the fun with cleaning and servicing the old Vivitar lens while I was out getting the moly lubricant I also purchased a old Nikkor E series 50mm f/1.8 lens. Great condition, almost new, even came with its original box and manual!

The evening I finished with the Vivitar lens was the Santa Parade in downtown Kingston. I used it to test out both the 50mm and the serviced Vivitar. Here are two examples taken with the 50, and one with the Vivitar

The squad of BMX riders was pretty huge, zooming up and down having fun. Caught this guy and managed to get a fairly sharp image of him while tracking his motion down the road.

That evening there were at least 2 bands that I remember, again, this was a good sharp image out of many fuzzy ones. You can even see what they have on their music sheet 🙂

So overall I was quite impressed with how the 50mm performed in such conditions.

Anyone who has a big zoom lens, or even a small one will know that they are quite slow, it is only the huge professional level beasts that are both fast and sharp… Though the Vivitar is pretty good, and now it is clean, it isn’t going to make it a super awesome night shot machine.  Still, I managed to get this at 310mm and it is reasonably sharp 🙂 Plus the guy (sorry I have no idea who you are, just that you where on the K-Rock float) is looking right at me.


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