My old friend, the Konica TC-X

With the advent of my 35mm film SLR Nikon I decided that I should give my old Konica another go and see if I can get better pictures out of it than I managed a few years back.


Konica TC-X with a 50mm f/1.8 Hexxanon.

I ran 3 rolls through it and all but 3 photos (on one roll) were over exposed, I am not an idiot and can use the light meter in the Konica but either one of two things happened for those rolls.

1) I was accidentally stopping up (if thats the correct phrase) when the light meter said somewhere between 2.8 and 4 Id pick 2.8 giving me a blasted out photo rather than a darker stopped down one.


2) The battery was going dead and messing up the light meter

Id like to think it was number 2 but I think it was maybe a combination.

Anyway I loaded a fresh roll of film and took some shots, keeping in mind point number 1 and putting a fresh battery in to stop number 2. 😉

Here is a standard shot of a tree from the set that I like (all look pretty good, but I am not going to scan all 24!) I will post another one later.



In comparison to the ones processed at walmart these are very sharp and detailed, It will be a good test to see how the second batch using the nikon turn out.

All of the shots I took are exposed correctly, thus i think I can give the camera a clean bill of health.


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