Nikon F65 with a 35mm 1/1.8 DX

Over the last 3 weeks or so I added another camera body to my collection. In keeping with my thrifty old lens shopping I discovered an old Nikon F65 in a second hand shop for the grand total of $15+tax. After picking this up along with some batteries and cheap Kodak ColourPlus 200.

The F65 I read is a fairly low end SLR, and the mount will only meter with CPU lenses, of which I only have a 35mm and a 18-105mm, but both are DX lenses. After reading around it seems the 35mm will get success with a full frame 35mm camera but the 18-105mm is a no no.

So I got snapping and developed them at the nearest location (Walmart… ouch wont be doing that again!!!)

ImageI made the mistake of 1st, using Walmart and 2nd printing on matte, this is one of the better photos on that roll. Overall It was a successful test of the camera though I am not sure what Walmart are like in different locations, but all of the photos have a fuzz to them that at first I thought was perhaps the low quality film. Alternatively it could be the lens, though on my 5100 that lens is typically super sharp.

My Partner is doing some further testing with it and we will process at an actual photography store so watch this space for more.



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