When to stop? Nikon FM

Since my re-introduction into the world of 35mm Film photography it seems like my acquisition of lenses and equipment has somewhat accelerated. There is that saying about busses in the UK “You wait for an hour for the bus, and 3 turn up all at once”

This is quite true of current events. Not long ago I picked up an F65 for next to nothing, spurring my interest in doing some photography on film. I even dusted the long retired Konica TC-X and ran a roll through it. How could it get any better I thought?

Well it did, I picked up a 28-80mm lens for the same price as the F65, and was donated a classic Nikon FM (Many thanks!).

My partner said to me “I think you need to cool this addiction” and I am starting to think she is right, at this rate there will be wall to wall camera bodies and lenses.

My next big testing session will be to run a few rolls through the Nikon FM, I am very excited about using this camera because it comes from the era that most of my older lenses fit into, thus the camera is built to meter those lenses. Also acquiring a CPU lens that will work 100% on the F65 is also great.  From all I have read, though cheap, the 28-80mm lens is a very good performer and covers the full frame.

The Nikon FM from what I have read is a little workhorse that was a mainstay through the late 70s and early 80s, so I am looking forward to using this with my old glass from that era, may i say it? Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm… Yes I think so.

For now here is a photograph of the Camera in question, posing with the series-e 50mm.  Sample shots to follow.DSC_0076


One thought on “When to stop? Nikon FM

  1. I’m afraid to say it’s an incurrable ailment you have. Your partners job is to make sure that the patient (You) is kept as comfortable as possible.:0)

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