Blue Bells

As Spring stutters and starts in Kingston, some of the main stays of this period are showing themselves. Daffodils, Black fly and Blue Bells. I am sure that there are others, but for the purpose of this post, Blue Bells are the subject.

In the UK and in many other places blue bells will grow and turn whole woodland areas a rich blue for a few weeks or so and then disappear. While I never remember walking through fields of them or these wooded areas, I would always see them as we passed by.

The first scan from 3 rolls of film taken with a Nikon FM, this shot was with a Vivitar Series 1, macro at about 100mm. It isn’t super sharp i think mainly because its 400 film and hand held.

BlueBellsMinimal post scan editing, very slight touch on reducing chromatic aberration but all else is how it looks on the print.

If anyone can recommend any good scanners/scanning applications I would appreciate it, the scanner i have is part of a C4700 Printer and it will go to 48bit colour depth but yeah reading into these things I seriously doubt it is all that great. Iv tried direct scanning of the negatives and they tend to look bloody terrible… So any tips and hints will be greatly appreciated.



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