Ektar 100 – More Spiders

I ran a roll of Ektar 100 from the local Camera store here in Kingston through the Nikon FM. Tried out a few of my lenses. One thing i read online is that in general scanning prints is not a great thing to do. This is because prints can give a ‘defocussed’ look to them, in general, going for the originals is the better way to go.

With that said, the scans of prints looked… well terrible to be honest. Lots of chromatic aberration… lots of fuzz… generally not good.

I took the negatives back to the store and asked them to give me some high res scans… I hoped that they would be given to me in 12 or 14bit bitmap format, but alas! they were in 8bit. That said though, great quality in comparison to the prints.

Macro shot with the Vivitar 70-210mm the old faithful i think everyone owes themselves to buy… about f/8  at 1/125 i think.

Jumping Spider

Beautiful if only it was 12 or 14 bit, i could drop those highlights a bit but still, the vivitar at about 100-120mm doesn’t fail to impress. This guy has a legspan about… 5mm tiny. I had to go back to 100-120mm because close focus at 70mm was spooking the spider. While jumping spiders do often give observers a sort of curious look as people might notice from Zebra spiders around the house.

1:1 crop


You can see that i missed the focus slightly, but still got close enough to it. It should also be noted that this was hand held, squatting down between two rocks.

The colour rendition on the Ektar 100 is wonderful, more shots to follow.


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