Niagara Falls… the one good(ish) photograph

I keep talking about only one photograph out of 3 rolls of film from my old Konica TC-X turned out well some 3 years ago, well I present to you all that very photograph. By good i mean, it wasn’t so washed out and over exposed that almost no detail remained… I don’t really mean good as in wow look at that.


This photograph has not been ‘instagrammed’ I personally don’t like the filter people seem to put over their photographs to make them look ‘retro’ because in most cases it looks terrible. I did rant about it once but my general opinion is that post processing of images is a very worth while thing to do, but if all you are doing is making the colours look other worldly or trying to get some kind of Kodachrome emulation then you are quite often just destroying the image.

So what happened with this shot? Well long story short the following steps took place.

1) It was very hot that day
2) It was cloudy
3) I did not develop the film for about 3 months after the trip
4) The film was left at ambient summer temperatures between points 2 and 3
5) Developing was done through mail order from a drug store, no idea how good the processing was.

So i got a naturally weird shot back with washed out colours and low contrast.

While not wanting to sound negative, my points really is just this… not every outing produces a great photograph and while post processing can save a photograph from being a disaster, and in many cases make a OK photo turn into a pretty good photo,  an enormous amount of post processing can in my opinion take a OK or pretty good photo and put it into the ugh category for me.


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