Skeleton Park Arts Festival

After returning from a work trip I was happy to hear about a arts and music festival that would be taking place in Kingston. Any opportunity to take a few pictures and see if i score any interesting shots. Unfortunately for everyone however the weather decided to disapprove of everyones plans and rain heavily.

After one of the bands finished, or appeared to finish, for the stage to be mopped, there was word of some technical difficulties (most probably water related đŸ˜¦ ) we were invited around to a friend’s new apartment and waited for updates and the rain to stop.

The music part of the festival restarted downtown, outside The Sleeping Goat. Quite amazingly due to the construction here in Kingston, the goat gathered quite a crowd of people who were able to stand out on the road without worry of being run over by cars. This was late in the afternoon and so light was very poor. Despite that my partner and I took turns in taking pictures with the Yashica of Terrence Drake eating fire. Check out his webpage, some more great photos of him doing his stuff. Pretty awesome, and I am sure I will be working on getting a few of the shots that turned out well scanned and posted in the near future.

I will leave you with this one however! Drake almost invisible except for his foot and a ghostly shadow of his hands.

Rings of FireTaken with a Yashica Mat 124, Portra 160, hand held, F/33 , 1 sec exposure. Lots of post processing adjusting of white balance and colours.  Sorry about the slight shake!


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