Unfortunate fate

While walking around the Lemonine Conservation area heavily ladened with 2 cameras 3 lenses and a tripod I was keeping an eye out for interesting things to photograph. The light slowly got worse and worse as time passed, but I kept walking anyway. I spotted a bee on a cluster of white flowers (Possibly Nannyberry?). Correction, it was hanging from underneath the flowers which is what drew me to look at it.

I attached the trusty Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm and clicked it into macro mode.

Death of a bee

If anyone can tell me what kind of insects those are I would be interested to find out. It appears that those two bugs (one top one bottom) have either killed, or retrieved a bee and are attempting to eat it or parts of it. The harsh realities of nature.

The wind was pretty bad and this was the best shot I managed, the rest have the focus in less favourable spots. This one is still slightly soft, the best and sharpest has perfect focus on the wing. though everything else is out. Shame. I stopped trying because the wind picked up and the light got worse and after about 15 minutes of standing around I thought it time to move on.




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