A Nursery Web Spider

Over the Labour day weekend my partner and I went to  Algonquin Park, we spent most of our time relaxing but did a little walking and canoeing.  We canoed across Lake of Two Rivers from the campground beach to a beach on the opposite side. The day was extremely hot and for some unknown reason I was the one giving out on the canoe while my partner picked up the slack. I went for a paddle in the water and approached a large rock that was sticking out of the water on the south side of the beach.

On that rock was a messy web, the sun was nearly overhead and I thought it would make a nice shot with the silk catching the sun. When I got close I saw that the web had a nice cluster of spiderlings. Cool I thought, but where is mum? Spiders depending on the type often stick around for their young. Then I saw it. A huge spider, about 4 inches across just chilling out. I asked around and a few people suggested it might be a wolf spider, but wolf spiders dont spin webs, so I think it is probably a Nursery web of some kind.



Mamiya 645, Ektar 100, 1/500s, f/8 (i think)

So a slightly closer shot with a 1:1 crop made with my scanner looks like this.



There is probably more detail there on the film but, not a bad shot.

Sweet dreams all



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