Pentax 67 – The big one!

A long time and no updates, I haven’t thrown down my cameras, I have in fact just been a little lazy in scanning pictures. I took a trip to Brazil with my partner and generated about 180 35mm negatives with a Nikon EM. Iv been somewhat lacking in enthusiasm to sit and go through them all, partly because the shop that developed them left them kind of grimy with developing chemicals, so washing them and preparing for scanning will take a bit of effort.

My update today however is another one of my “I got something new (old) and here are a few test shots, and to say how awesome it is”

So I happened upon one of these bad boys.


That is a Pentax 6×7, which is I have to say the physically largest camera I have in my collection. The coke can lens on the right there is the same in diameter approximately as a Nikon FM… It is simply enormous.

Going on the same theme of enormous, it produces huge 6x7cm negatives, which when scanned with the equipment I have at hand gives whopping 34Megapixel images. Those huge negatives on 120 film, gives you a total of 10shots per roll.

I went for a walk in the afternoon sun last week and took a few shots, As i do not have the metered prism, I used my D5100 to do my metering as an experiment. While it was ok, I think I learnt that basically I need to change the metering to weighted rather than spot, and compensate by 1 stop.

That said, here are a couple example shots.

Scan-131123-0003You can tell that I had to try quite hard to recover some of the brightness, late afternoon light is always tricky. Regardless not bad, sharpness is ok in this one, the lens was pretty much wide open, so I expected it to be much softer.


This was taken at about lunch time the next day, again, a little under exposed give is a slightly dead feel, that said, here is what i like about medium format, at least with the equipment i have for scanning.


This is a 1:1 crop, a really good amount of detail. I think If I was bang on with the exposure and had the lens stopped down one more stop that would look much better.

More experiments to follow. My Mamiya 645 is currently sitting on 3 rolls of film which need developing, pictures of work related stuff which should still be quite interesting.


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