The Purple Night

While out with a roll of Fuji Pro 400, testing a borrowed TTL prism on the 67, I was walking passed a part of Queen’s University that is always quite well lit. A spot between two buildings with a view of one of the halls of residence behind. Lack of natural light gave this shot a warm purple glow…I fixed it with white balance and didn’t like the result, so I left it mostly purple… Perhaps one of the first time I liked the look of a weirdly coloured shot.

I stood in the cold for a little while waiting for people to walk out of frame, and started setting up for a hand held attempt.


Pentax 67 , on Fuji Pro400, 55mm f/4  and 1/2s

There is a strange horizontal band across the frame, and indeed over all frames and even between frames on this roll of film. Makes me wonder were exactly this can come from. I have attempted to fix it in this shot… but it is still visible if you look carefully… especially in the bottom right corner.

The curtain appears to be fine, all other frames taken on other film seems ok also. So I thing there are several options here.

1) Bad light seal
2) Bad film
3) Uneven development

Any ideas?



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