St. Mary’s Church Sheffield

On my fairly recent trip to the UK for a wedding and visit, I took a day to walk around the old digs.  My dad took me to Harrison Camera for a general look around. St. Mary’s is just near there, and while I was not on the right side of the road to get a more picturesque shot, the 55mm lens was not quite wide enough to get the whole building when standing close.

My aunt Mary used to live in the area, so I have many memories of driving past it when coming to visit. It is interesting when I think about it because the road I stood on to take this shot looks directly into the church, and yet it really is more of a back ally like street than a community like area.

 St. Mary's

Pentax 67 on Portra 400, f/11 (I think), 150mm

Very annoying day because it was so flat and overcast. The hint of blue in the sky I did not honestly think would appear in the film. A very cold colour shot in the end. That said, the detail and contrast is still reasonable without adjustment, the full resolution scan again reminds me of how much detail there still is on a monstrous 6×7 frame. It was stopped down a fair bit because I wanted the wide depth of field, which worked pretty well in this.

Although I probably don’t have a following in or around Sheffield, I would still recommend checking out Harrison Camera online or in person, It is a pretty well kitted out shop. Lots of old and new, and they also stock 120 film, which always makes me happy to see.

More shots from Sheffield will follow, I have a roll and a half to scan.


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