Sheffield Winter Gardens

Continuing up the hill after taking the previous shot, A short walk along Arundel Gate and onto Surrey Street on the right hand side I pass Sheffield Central Library and the Crucible Theatre. After these on the left there is the Millennium Gallary and the Winter Gardens.

Winter Garden

Pentax 67 on Portra 400

Completed and opened in 2003, it is a nice warm retreat during cold days and also a nice green space. One of the most striking features other than the plants is the giant wooden arches. Plants are apparently changed year round to give it a seasonal feel, though many of the larger specimens remain all year around, in fact the two main trees you see in the photograph have been there since it opened.

The space typically serves as a quick link between two sides of town, allowing pedestrians to cut a corner so to speak, so many people will walk straight through without really stopping to look around. When ever I am in Sheffield though, I always try and take at least a slow walk around it rather than rushing through.

From here we carry onwards past the lady in the pink hat, towards the doors and out to the steel ball you see.



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