Sheffield – The Mighty Hicks

After walking around the fountains and a misty rain setting itself up I made my way by foot towards and then up Division street. For those who know sheffield will know that Division runs  parallel to West Street and for me I like to walk up Division Street because it is generally quieter and has more shops as opposed to pubs and bars.

About 10 minutes walk brings you to the University of Sheffield. My first point of call is typically the Hicks

The Hicks

Pentax 67 on Portra 400 – Quite a dark shot, sorry again, very overcast, very flat with no warm colours, sorry.

The Hicks houses Physics and Astronomy, Mathematics and the Chemistry and Physics workshop. I did my undergraduate and my PhD here, so I spent a lot of time in different states of confusion and enlightenment within those walls. I visited my PhD supervisor to catch up and generally see what has been going on and what has changed in the last few years.

The Hicks stands proudly on the end of a street as you can see… and to the right is the concourse which leads down to the Student’s Union building.


4 thoughts on “Sheffield – The Mighty Hicks

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    • Nope, it is still there. It was re-clad though mid 2000s. From experience, it is actually one of the better looking physics/maths buildings I have experienced. Most of them were built around the same time, when modern cutting edge materials and design involved… concrete and pebble dashing…

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