Sheffield – The Arts Tower

Turning around almost 180 from the Hicks Building, we see one of the tallest buildings in Sheffield (2nd) and apparently the tallest University building in the UK (so says the wiki). The Arts Tower. The name is a little bit odd because it is also one of the less pretty buildings on Campus, close up the concrete is stained and exposed steelwork is rusted.

That said it is a prominent and constant point of reference around the area. You can always find your way back to campus, just keep an eye out for it on the skyline. The other interesting thing about it is that is houses a Paternoster lift. If you ever get chance to go in there (pretty easy because it is open all day) you should take a ride on the lift if not anything else.

The Arts Tower

Pentax 67 on Portra 400, again bad colours, and very dark 😦 silly clouds and my own bad judgement of exposure.


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