Nikon FE – Trip to Montreal – Fashion Show

Not posted anything new for a while, though I have been steadily taking pictures. Many of them have been simple tests or personal events so I don’t intend to post them here.

During a trip to see Family in Montreal we took an evening to see the Montreal Fashion and Design festival, which involved a catwalk. I had my old, slightly grubby Nikon FE with me, at the time it was already dark so I didn’t really think so much about standing there in the crowd and taking snaps. After looking through the viewfinder it seemed that the spot lights where bright enough that maybe attempting some shots hand held might be good.

Very hit and miss, but some acceptable shots given I was hand holding and using about $200 worth of camera equipment, compared to the people standing next to me with about $10,000 worth. *Click*

So I present some models who’s names I do not know with a few comments below them



Needs a little  more work on the white balance, the scan is entirely too pink, the noise is quite visible on this shot to, as is the shadow of a camera flash in front of me.





Little more success with this one, some obvious fringing because of shooting with the lens wide open in weird lighting conditions, still the model on the right is in good focus and is sharp, the man however is slightly out.




This is probably my favourite, except for the person in front!!!  Good focus, good colour.


I had actually taken a few moments to step side (hence the person in front is not totally in the frame) by this time the model had posed, turned and was on her way back… I took half a second to focus and snapped, good focus, lots of grain, maybe some more post processing is in order.



Once again a little pink looking, but otherwise pretty good, negative needs a clean up a little, though that bright spec to the top is actually in the film, it is some kind of flying insect caught in the light.



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