From a Tijuca trail – Brazil

This spring I took many rolls of film to Brazil, so far I have not posted up scans from this trip, mainly because I took about 200 shots and scanning is not an enormously automated process. I was also testing a old camera at the time, and the exposures of some of the shots are way off. The conditions in Brazil where also fairly overcast so taking nice vibrant shots was also somewhat of a luxury. Many shots appearing to be hazy, or have extremely weird colour balance. Needless to say there was some nice frames, and I should get on top of it. Post process for these takes time as some of them do need a LOT of colour fixing.

I present today two shots on Ektar 100 from a guided tour around a short trail in Tijuca, from the Pedra Bonita, that views Pedra da Gavea.


This image looks back from Pedra Bonita back towards Rio De Janeiro, which for the most part is behind the foreground hill, you can see the Corcovado to the left of it. To the right is the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and Ipanema beach, fairly hazy but still really nice greens and over all a beautiful look out point.



Above is Pedra da Gavea, extremely green, except for the odd Silver Embauba tree.


Hopefully more images to follow, All where taken using a Nikon EM and a Series E 50mm


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