Spiders – Testing a Nikkor 105mm

I picked up an old Macro-Nikkor 105mm from the store here in Kingston. Initially unable to really test it out due to work, I finally got around to putting a roll of film through the Nikon FE. I got some standard Fujifilm 400 from a drugstore and went to the lakeside. On the lakeside there are many many many spiders. They range in size from around 1cm to 2cm i’d estimate. They are, like most spiders, rather shy.

So with my 105mm and some extension tubes, I got to work. I will present two shots, there were others that were good, but these I would say are the sharper of them. All shots where on nearly expired ISO 400 film, handheld. The sharpness of an image is not always related to the lens speed and shooting speed but also how steady your hands are. I can say that my hands where not exactly too steady for these.


This spider took to sitting in a hole cut into the rock, when I moved it would run around the hole in a loop and end up around the same spot but facing in a different direction. This was one of the better ones of this little guy.


This spider creeped slowly around the edge of a rock. They move very quickly so it was hard to tell if it stopped because it saw me, or if that was its plan to begin with. Either way, it stopped in a nice spot and could get a fairly well focused shot of it.


Over all, quite happy with the performance of the lens. It does require a bit of a clean, not sure how much that would improve performance but we will see.



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