The Search for Dark Matter – DEAP-3600 – Copper flower

This picture was taken shortly after all the dressing was complete. This is the heart of DEAP-3600 complete and displayed with all its splendour. Although I say complete, the vessel goes from this, looking beautiful, to being covered with foam between all the open areas, and a whole spider web of cabling. Over that a metal mesh i draped in an orange skin like arrangement. This takes a little bit away from how beautiful the detector looks.

In this picture the other object of interest is the dome structure above the vessel. This is the top half of the steel shell. This shell is a pressure vessel which encloses the inner vessel. The enclosure is to protect the vessel from the cosmic ray veto and water shielding. After all, this photograph has been taken from inside a water tank. The tank is to be filled with ultra pure water, and if the detector was to make contact with this, it would simply produce a huge ice ball. The other reason for the steel shell is to act as a containment vessel should a disaster happen. It is a very tight fit, in some cases the clearance behind the copper is only 1-2 inches.

Dont worry, we wont be creating black holes or anything like that.

Pentax 67 on Ektar 100, 45mm wide angle.

Check out my other pictures of DEAP, here, here, here and here


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