The Shadow of Firbeck – The Loco Shed

The north of the UK was a region covered in coal mines, many old villages and towns, once built around agriculture, where expanded greatly around coal extraction. Much of this is now history after taking a huge chop in the 80s. Many of the old pits are capped, covered and in some cases re-developed. Others however where stripped down and left to wrack and ruin. My home town is no stranger to this.

A few of the buildings of Firbeck Colliery still stand, the area is used to store building supplies, bricks of various types. This building is the loco shed, now burnt out and crumbling, and the subject of my first ever ‘abandoned building’ photograph.

Armed only with my 50mm Lens, this is actually two shots stitched together, and thanks to my lack of a tripod a the time, the lens being stopped down only 2 stops meant fringing was going to be a bit extreme. Cleaned most of it up and here it is



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