A blue Damselfly – Little Cataraqui Creek

I cannot recommend the 105mm Macro-Nikkor f/4 more than I already have, if you can get your hands on one cheap, used, or even be lucky enough to afford a brand spanking new one, GET ONE. This lens to me is so much fun, it is sharp enough to pull off macro-shots on the fly, as well as being a general workhorse for your shots that don’t need to be all that close up but benefit from that bit of a zoom. It isn’t the fastest lens in the world, but Iv found that recently more of my good shots, come from this lens than any other.

While out walking with my Parents on a very sunny day at Little Cataraqui Creek, north of Kingston, Ontario, the Damselfly were out in force. So I was able to get this lovely shot of one resting. Was not square on to it enough to get the whole body in focus, but it is close enough. Definitely a shot to go 1:1 with, but in this case this shot is the full frame, no crop.

Dont worry, there are more macro shots of bugs to follow.

D610 + Macro Nikkor 105mm ISO 400 f/8 1/125s hand held.


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