Bed of Silk

Many of my friends will know that ever since I obtained a 105mm Macro, iv been taking far too many photographs of spiders and bugs. BUT I don’t always take pictures of spiders and bugs… sometimes I shoot other things… like this spider web. Contrast a little amped up here to show the quite nice double cup like spider web.

Taken with D610 + 105mm Macro at 1/200s f/4 iso 200.


Kingston Buskers Rendezvous – Knife throw – The Secret Circus

Brent and Maya from The Secret Circus Show again, this time Maya stands on Brent’s shoulders. This part of the show was knife juggling, though the stance here was a bit of a funny side as Maya pretended to line up one of the audience who had been volunteered to help out.

Again, great fun!

Here my framing isn’t so great, I actually held this above my head, one hand shading the view finder, and the other on the trigger. Overall not THAT bad framing given the circumstances, but it would have been nice to get all of Brent’s feet.

Once again, taken with my D610 and my Macro-Nikkor 105mm


Kingston Buskers Rendezvous – Fire Maya of the Secret Circus Show

I have a huge backlog of photos to go through and upload, so expect some more images to come in the near future. Today was the last day of the Kingston Buskers Rendezvous. Standing behind people taking shots with my D610, with a Macro-Nikkor 105mm was a little bit of a challenge, though did yield some great results. The lens is sharp enough that with a steady hand and enough light, 1:1 crops still look great.

The weather was great and the shots where mostly bright. So here is the last show we watched today, The Secret Circus Show in particular this is Maya during the fire juggling part of the show. I tried to get as many mid air shots as possible. This one has the most heat ripple in the middle of the shot and a very serious looking Maya.

The show was great, lots of fun, if you get chance to see Maya and Brent perform it is well worth it.


The Shadow of Firbeck – The Loco Shed

The north of the UK was a region covered in coal mines, many old villages and towns, once built around agriculture, where expanded greatly around coal extraction. Much of this is now history after taking a huge chop in the 80s. Many of the old pits are capped, covered and in some cases re-developed. Others however where stripped down and left to wrack and ruin. My home town is no stranger to this.

A few of the buildings of Firbeck Colliery still stand, the area is used to store building supplies, bricks of various types. This building is the loco shed, now burnt out and crumbling, and the subject of my first ever ‘abandoned building’ photograph.

Armed only with my 50mm Lens, this is actually two shots stitched together, and thanks to my lack of a tripod a the time, the lens being stopped down only 2 stops meant fringing was going to be a bit extreme. Cleaned most of it up and here it is


Is it Spring?

Late afternoon in Sudbury, looking out across what is a mostly pristine field of icy snow. It is supposed to be spring, though I think Sudbury might have been left behind. I liked the texture of the snow and ice in the evening sun.

This shot is about a 50% crop out of the full frame, to cut out some foreground features.

Nikon D610 50mm 1/80s f/16 iso 100

The Search for Dark Matter – DEAP-3600 – Copper flower

This picture was taken shortly after all the dressing was complete. This is the heart of DEAP-3600 complete and displayed with all its splendour. Although I say complete, the vessel goes from this, looking beautiful, to being covered with foam between all the open areas, and a whole spider web of cabling. Over that a metal mesh i draped in an orange skin like arrangement. This takes a little bit away from how beautiful the detector looks.

In this picture the other object of interest is the dome structure above the vessel. This is the top half of the steel shell. This shell is a pressure vessel which encloses the inner vessel. The enclosure is to protect the vessel from the cosmic ray veto and water shielding. After all, this photograph has been taken from inside a water tank. The tank is to be filled with ultra pure water, and if the detector was to make contact with this, it would simply produce a huge ice ball. The other reason for the steel shell is to act as a containment vessel should a disaster happen. It is a very tight fit, in some cases the clearance behind the copper is only 1-2 inches.

Dont worry, we wont be creating black holes or anything like that.

Pentax 67 on Ektar 100, 45mm wide angle.

Check out my other pictures of DEAP, here, here, here and here

The Search for Dark Matter – DEAP-3600 – Dressing

After a long period of cleaning and dressing the detector on the rotator frame, the vessel was moved into its final location, lifted and attached by the neck, to a longer stainless steel neck section. Here final dressing of the acrylic vessel continued.

This shot was taken midway through this process, here you can see the lens like cups of the light guides, surrounded by white high density polyethylene, held in using clamps and springs. Mounded onto this is a PMT in a grey housing, you can see two in this photograph one installed and one mid way through the process. Finally, the PMT is surrounded by a copper heat short.


Pentax 67 on Portra 400, 45mm wide angle lens, the white balance looks weird on this, half the film, half my beginners level film scanning.

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